Canterbury Caravans fitting ESC Braking to every caravan

Tuesday, July 17, 2012  | Admin

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"AL-KO ESC - The Safety and stability system for caravans with electric brakes"

AL-KO  ESC is a sophisticated electronic brake actuation system that automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan by monitoring for any dangerous lateral  movements and taking preventative action immediately - applying the caravan's electric brakes to maintain road position, making every journey you take safer and more pleasurable.

When will it be available?

AL-KO ESC will be available to caravan manufacturers commencing mid 2012. This will be  followed by release as a retro-fit product for older caravans with AL-KO electric braked axles and suspensions in early 2013. 

Why has it been developed?

On any Australian caravan journey, a driver can encounter extreme driving conditions that at best can undermine confidence and at worst cause a loss of control - a  loss of control that could have deadly consequences.

In 1987 Mercedes Benz and BMW introduced the first stability control system (ESP) for  motor vehicles, a system which intervenes in dangerous driving situations and one that has now become standard in all motor vehicles and saved countless  lives.

Despite modern chassis technology severe traffic accidents with trailer and caravans continue to be a serious issue so like Mercedes Benz and BMW, AL-KO saw the need for an Electronic Stability Control system that works under extreme  driving conditions while towing.

The biggest issue to remedy keeping the caravan stable following an emergency evasive manoeuvre - such as avoiding a vehicle or animal appearing suddenly on the road ahead.

Due to the unpredictable and sometimes extreme nature of these driving conditions Australia's leading RV component manufacturer AL-KO has developed the  Electronic Stability Control system, or ESC, for Towed Vehicles, a system that will significantly improve towing safety in Australia.

What does this mean for you?

The AL-KO ESC - Electronic Stability Control ensures that you the driver can handle a variety of unexpected driving hazards safe in the knowledge that your AL-KO  ESC provides complete control-, control that will not only monitor the stability of both the car and caravan but also regulate any dangerous lateral  movement and immediately take preventative action to maintain road position.

"And with this Control comes confidence."

A confidence that allows you to drive knowing that you have unparalleled levels of safety during your journey, a more stable and balanced drive and assured  manoeuvrability in a range of driving conditions. And this is all backed up by the latest industry technology.

Installing an AL-KO ESC now will enable you to manoeuvre past heavy vehicles, cope with  excessive side winds and deal with road hazards with the ultimate confidence  that any potentially dangerous condition will be automatically controlled - smoothly and effectively.

It may sound dramatic, but it's no understatement to say that Al-KO ESC could save your life - even if it's only called upon once in your ownership of a caravan.

Without AL-KO ESC, your towed vehicle is not as safe as it could be.

AL-KO ESC, a sophisticated brake actuation system that is cost effective, reliable and will revolutionise the Australian caravan and towed vehicle industry.


The  AL-KO ESC system is engineered to operate when it identifies critical driving  situations - such as a build-up of two small swings, or one large, sudden  lateral movement.

The  lateral acceleration sensors inside the AL-KO ESC unit monitor for these repeated  side movements or large swings.

AL-KO  ESC continuously evaluates the data and when critical lateral movements are  recognised, ESC activates and applies the brakes immediately to bring the  vehicle back into line in a smooth and controlled manner. Applying the brakes on the caravan immediately straightens the car and caravan and prevents any further oscillation.

              AL-KO ESC is positioned behind the axle of the caravan or trailer at the point where lateral movement can be measured consistently between different caravans.

Once the combination is stable, the AL-KO ESC deactivates the brakes. AL-KO ESC then immediately continues to monitor for critical situations.

            The brakes are applied for as long as  necessary, until no further lateral movement of the trailer or caravan is  picked up. AL-KO ESC then immediately continues to monitor for critical  situations.

This world first, revolutionary technology  has been developed and manufactured in Australia by
              AL-KO International, in conjunction with the global expertise of the AL-KO  Kober group.


Caravans and trailers can be subject to lateral movements due to a range of different circumstances, such as having to take evasive manoeuvres to miss an unexpected vehicle or animal that has suddenly appeared on the road ahead, in addition to  high winds and difficult weather conditions, or buffeting from other vehicles using the road.

The  sway effect, where the caravan or trailer is swinging from side to side  behind the tow vehicle, can occur in these situations and can be a very  frightening experience for the occupants of the tow vehicle.

Sometimes the movement of the trailer is so slight that it can recover itself, However when the movement becomes greater, it is more difficult to overcome and can be a very frightening experience for the occupants of the tow vehicle, resulting in a potential jack-knife situation.

Other factors that can cause varying levels of swaying to occur are issues such as poorly loaded vehicles, too much speed, incorrect tyre pressures and erratic driving.

              Even in normal, everyday driving, these situations can happen.

Throughout all of these situations, ESC is constantly monitoring and corrects  any instabilities as they occur, enabling you to continue a smooth and stress free journey.