Canterbury caravans accredited ESC fitters

Tuesday, February 26, 2013  | Admin


With the release of the New Safety braking system from AL-KO there has been many questions about can this be fitted to my second hand caravan. 

Canterbury caravans has now been accredited to aftermarket fit AL-KO ESC to most second hand caravans. Please contact Mal Sadler the work shop manager to organise a quote on up grading your braking system to the safest on the market. 

The ESC braking system now prevents your caravan from swaying in the unfortunate event you may be faced with your caravan swaying out of control. There are many factor's that can cause this to happen including wind, trucks, poor roads or even a car pulling out in front of you.

All of this can happen so quickly and before you know it you are involved in an accident. The AL-KO braking system will detect the sway and automatically apply the brakes at roughly 30%. Pulling your van automatically back behind your car. 

Call Canterbury caravans today on (03) 9729-8188 or email Mal Sadler to organise a quote today.