Bailey Caravans

Tuesday, April 03, 2012  | Admin


In this news Item I wish to discuss the benefits of the Bailey Caravans. The Bailey caravan is built with both quality and weight in mind. Each caravan is throughly tested on the Millbrook testing facility for 18,000 km before going to full production to ensure van strength and customer safety. (you can watch the video under our video section).

Every van is then fitted out to comply with all Australian regulations and is supplied with a gas certificate, Electrical certificate and finally an ADR 62/02 certificate to ensuure the chassis complies with Australian regulations.

We have also ordered a number of spare parts for each of the models in the ranges we stock to ensure customers have full access to anything that may or can go wrong.

Finally All caravans are able to be insured by most major insurance companies including the caravanning insurance leaders CIL.

The key points to the Bailey are light weight, insulation to - 15 degrees, affordabilty, comfort, quality and peace of mind that engineers from the Bath university have taking a large part in design and production to create what we see as a world class caravan.

Please check out our website for specifications or email for more information.