Canterbury Caravans visit Bailey caravans in Bristol

Friday, September 7, 2012  | Admin


Canterbury caravans are Dedicated to providing customers with caravans that suit customers needs and requirements.

With this in mind the current market has been limited to a range of lighter weight caravans. Canterbury caravans recognised this with many customers having tow vehicles that could not tow many Australian built caravans. This meant that peoples dreams of holidaying around our beautiful country were always being put on the back burner.

Australians work hard and we inspire to one day get the chance to live our dream of touring Australia. We at canterbury caravans want to help by providing a full range of caravans to suit all customers.

Canterbury caravans through Adrian Van Geleen ( Bailey importer ) have sourced a world class caravan. The Bailey Caravan has taken Australia by storm with Quality, price and towablility.

To cement our commitment to the Bailey Product Colin tobin, Ian Sadler & Adrian Van Geleen have just come back from a visit to the Bailey Factory in September 2012.

When providing customers with a product we believe it is important to know where the product comes from, the company behind the product and how the product is built.

Bailey has been a family operated business for over 65 years. Their caravans are built through advice from enqineers and professors of the Bath university. The Bailey factory consists of infrastructure that you could only imagine a car manufacturer having. The Bailey factory is capable of producing around 70 caravans per day depending on size.

Bailey have also committed to Australia by creating a special build of caravan to better suit the Australian conditions as they to recognise the difference in conditions.

After seeing the Bailey Caravan factory in Bristol we now have a greater understanding of the Bailey commitment of providing Australians with Quality built caravans.