Buyers beware of the Grey importing of European Caravans

Saturday, December 7, 2013  | Admin


In this Article we wish to provide Australian Caravan buyers with some clearer information around the compliance of European imports and the risks involved with purchasing a grey import from a private importer.

From time to time we will have customers question the feasibility of importing a lightweight caravan for their personal use. We are also commonly asked if various "second hand" imported caravans being offered for sales compare with the Bailey Caravans being sold in Australia through Bailey Australia.  The simple answer is it is not practical or cost effective to import a caravan that is not built to comply with ALL Australian ADR's from the outset.

The Australian regulations are large and detailed encompassing several pieces of legislation such as the ADR's, VSB1, local State regulations, the AGA Gas code and Australian electrical installations. Lets take only 1 of the ADR's as an example, ADR 62/02 which amongst other things speaks about drawbars and drawbar strength tests/load requirements.

All Bailey Australian caravans feature an up-graded drawbar specifically made to comply with this specific ADR. This specific Upgrade is only provided to the Bailey caravans purchased through Bailey Australia. So if your inspecting an imported 2nd hand caravan check this feature as this is a critical safety requirement. If it has been imported into Australia as a 2nd hand caravan BEWARE!

The simple question to ask any importer of a Eruopean or American caravan is please provide me with the ADR 62/02 certicifcate that ensures the caravan meets engineering specifications here in Australia. If they cannot provide this then the caravan is not fully compliant although they may have Gas and Electrical certification.

Some other key point are the fridges and the AGA certification, low pay loads due to standard axles, Spare part availability, Warranty, and most important resale value.

We have a saying and that is,"if something seems to good to be true it is normally because it is". So the reasons for the grey import being so much cheaper is because all the upgrade have not been performed, and you the potential buyer are being mislead into believing the Caravan you are about to purchase is fully compliant.

For any further information please contact the team at canterbruy caravans on (03) 9729-8188.