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Tuesday, November 01, 2011  | Admin


As you would prepare your car and caravan, do likewise with your holiday. Work out a basic itinerary - this will vary as you go along, but at least you will have a general idea as to where you are heading. Planning can almost be as enjoyable as your trip. A navigational device can be helpful and fun, even better if you take your lap top to enlarge the maps of Australia and plan your trip and know where you are by satellite.

Today's caravan parks offer all the amenities you will need for an enjoyable holiday. Usually they are situated on prime real estate and some offer magnificent ocean views, whilst others offer the peace and tranquility of a rural setting. Best of all, they offer companionship and friendship - you need never be lonely in a caravan park.

Your caravan is not just something to tow to site and leave there, while you get on with your holiday. It is your base. If you are keen on metal detecting, fishing or just relaxing with the family and reading a good book - remember it is your home away from home, and just enjoy the good life that caravanning offers.