Sales Managers Rebuild of Evernew Caravan

Tuesday, April 28, 2015  | Ian Sadler

I had always heard from Colin Tobin ( Dealer Principle ) of a family layout sold back in the day which consisted of a large front lounge, fold down double bed out of the wall, central kitchen and rear bunks that was one of the best family sellers. It wasnt until i saw my first one of these after 12 years in the industry that i understood what he was on about.

In november 2014 I tripped over this amazing layout in an Evernew 1978 model. As i knew evernew always had that solid household name in the industry as a well build and solid caravan. Although the outside was a little tired the inside was immaculate with no signes of timber rot or leaks which was a credit for its age and previous owner. Although there was a large dip in the roof on the inside, this van was in great condition for its age.

After seeing my children playing in this van one day, I decided to purchase this van for myself with the intention of doing it up over christmas. With many thanks to Paramount, Caria and Colin & Pam tobin for their generosity of Parts and staff, we set out on our voyage of bringing this van back.

origional outside picture 1

evernew origional

Origional picture 2

evernew picture 2

As we rolled the van into the shed we had 4 Hands on deck to remove all the windows, aluminium sheeting, air con, awning and all the old wiring. Our intention was to fully re clad the external of the van and rewire the van to suit todays new 12 volt systems with Solar, LEd lights etc. 

Our next picture showes the van completly Stripped which only took the 4 of us a day to do. As you can see there want much to the old vans however they lasted the test of time.

evernew taking apart

evernew stripped 2

 After removing all the Cladding we started on re-wiring the van to fit out a new Fusion Stereo, LED lights, 12 Volt sockets, new power points, range hood, Hot water system, TV Box, Solar, Water level indicators, 12 volt Pump, Sirocco 12 volt fan, Invertor plus loads more.... 

evernew Stripped

Once the Wiring was Completed and all the New hatches, hot water system, external shower and more was framed we set out on re cladding the van. We chose a mixture of silver and white ribbed Aluminium in a ribbed smooth Profile as i find this is the strongest and easiest to repiar if ever damaged. The Smooth finish to the ribbed aluminium also makes for easier cleaning.

Our next picture shows the part cladding of the van

part Cladding

As the van was taking shape we were getting really excited about how good the colours were looking. At this stage we had allowed for the cut outs of the external speakers, tv box, sub woofer, windows, door, power outlets and clearance lights on the awning side. As we were going to fit a new roll out awning we had already allowed for the blocking in the wall prior to fitting the cladding. The easiest way to cut out these holes is with a router and an aluminium blade. 

The next steps to finishing the van we to re clad the roof, front & rear and the off side. This was the longest part to do on the re build of the van as this was completed between other jobs. I was certainly like a little boy waiting for santa to come while this was happening. On the out side we had also fitted a Bargman light and 3 annex lights on seperate switches as you can never have to much light in the annex area.

The next Pictures show the final stages of the van where all the J moulds, front vinyl and sealing of the van had taken place.

evernew final stages

Once the striping and the final touches had been made the van was surely looking like new. Thanks to our experienced work shop staff and the help of our Manufacturers my new van was looking pretty good. 

I would like to add a very special thanks again to Colin & Pam Tobin for being such wonderful people to work for and really allowing the Staff at Canterbury caravans to be such a big part of the amazing industry we work in. We believe at Canterbury caravans there is no better way to understand our customer, than to be part of what they do and face. We are fellow carvanners like yourself and have a love and passion for what we do. 

I am sure our evernew will privide many of great Holidays for myself and my family and look forward to seeing you all out on the road. Our first Holiday is to Lakes Enterance over Easter and i look forward to writing about how we went. 

Our next stage to the van will be to complete the inside of the van where we will re-do the seating, new lino, window coverings and possibly new bench tops. We will be sure to post more pictures once this is done.

At Canterbury caravans we are also happy to offer free advice to any customers wanting to fix or repiar their caravans and are here to help with any modifications or addition's required on your van. Our Industry experience will provide you with peace of mind and helpful advice. Please feel free to call us on (03) 9729-8188 or email on

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