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    caravan accessories

    Caravan Accessories

    Are you looking for caravan accessories to update your old caravan into a more comfortable and stylish travel vehicle?  Canterbury Caravans offers more than just an incredible selection of new and customised caravans.  We also carry everything you need to accessorise and update your...  read more

    caravan repairs melbourne

    Caravan Repairs Melbourne

    Have desperately needed caravan repairs kept your beloved travel vehicle parked for too long?  Don't allow broken accessories, appliances, or other problems with your caravan keep you from enjoying your next holiday on the road.  The experts at Canterbury Caravans can help you get...  read more

    caravan service

    Outstanding Caravan Service And Maintenance

    Are you in need of caravan service and maintenance before you take off on your next adventure?  At Canterbury Caravans, we offer pre-holiday service specials, along with general maintenance and repairs.  We ensure that you can be well on your way to a worry free holiday. Do not let...  read more

    Caravan Dealer

    We Are Your Experienced Caravan Dealer

    Are you looking for a caravan dealer that understands your love for adventure, as well as your desire to get the highest quality caravan at the best possible price?  Look no further than Canterbury Caravans. Our expert staff can offer you professional service and advice so that you will...  read more

    custom caravans

    Custom Caravans

    The caravan dealers at Canterbury Caravans are supplying the best in adventure vehicles to Australians.  People come from all over to get a look at our extensive inventory of new and used caravans.  Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Don't put off your next great adventure...  read more

    caravan accessories in Melbourne

    Caravan Accessories Melbourne

    To make your trips more comfortable, you should consider buying a mobile home or a caravan where you and your family can stay during the trip. And just like any vehicle or home, you should buy accessories for your caravan to make your lives even more comfortable while traveling. You can...  read more

    pop top campers

    Large Selection Of Pop Top Campers

    Looking for that perfect pop top camper that offers you a spacious and luxurious caravan? Canterbury Caravans offers a wide variety of pop top campers, both new and used.  You will be sure to find the right one for you at the right price.  We also have a full inventory of other...  read more

    used caravans

    What You Should Know About Used Caravans

    If your family loves to travel to different places and you want to save on accommodation, you should consider buying used caravans or mobile homes. Some families even live in these caravans permanently. However, buying a caravan can be pretty expensive, even if you are buying a used one. It is...  read more

    Caravan Repairs

    Caravan Repairs and Maintenance—Tips and Ideas

    Traveling to different places in a caravan will surely make your trip more convenient and comfortable. This is because traveling in a caravan is like bringing your home with you. You can enjoy all the comforts of your own home such as sleeping on a cozy bed, cooking home cooked meals, and...  read more

    used caravan

    Fantastic Deals On Quality Used Caravans

    Are searching for the perfect used caravan to fit your lifestyle and budget?  Look no further than Canterbury Caravans. We are Australia's number one dealer for new and used caravans.  When you're ready to begin your adventure, stop by Canterbury Caravans to find the perfect...  read more

    caravan accessories

    Tips for Buying Caravan Accessories

    You need to get yourself a caravan if you love to travel to different places but still feel like you are just at home. Traveling in a caravan will let you experience the new sights and cultures in another place, and at the same time enjoy the comforts of staying in your own home. You do not...  read more

    caravan accessories

    Caravan Accessories-What Type Are You Going To Need The Most?

    In order to ensure your caravan is as comfortable as it can be as well as practical, you are going to require a unique range of caravan accessories in order to do this. There is a wide range of these accessories available and we offer a lot of them at Canterbury Caravans. Some...  read more

    caravan repairs

    Caravan Repairs-Get The Right Service To Protect Your Investment

    If you have a caravan, then you know how important it is to keep it looking nice. Looking nice is not the only thing you need to focus on though. There are going to be instances where you need to get repairs  done in order to keep it functioning the way you want it to. Caravan...  read more

    caravan repairs

    Getting the Best Deals with Caravan Repairs

    Purchasing a caravan is quickly becoming one of the most affordable travel options for families all over the country. But when it's not always an option to buy a brand new one, there are plenty of used ones to choose from. For many people, the biggest draw back to purchasing a used caravan is...  read more

    Pop Top Campers

    What You Should Know about Pop Top Campers

    If you are planning to purchase a camper for your camping and travelling needs, you should consider buying one of those pop top campers. As the name implies, this type of camper has a top that you can pop up or lower depending on what you need. You can raise the top to have more space inside...  read more

    caravan service

    Caravan Service-Reasons To Choose Or Not To Choose A Particular Operation

    You might think you are going to be able to protect your caravan from problems by making sure you are extra careful with it. You might do all of the right things and you might make sure you protect it properly. No matter what you do though, you are going to need service at times in order to...  read more

    pop top campers for sale

    How to Buy Pop Top Campers for Sale

    Pop top campers for sale are popular among those who love the outdoors. This kind of camper allows you to raise or lower its roof section for various purposes. This is ideal for low-ceilinged car ports or garages and for roads that have a lot of overhead obstructions. You can lower the roof so...  read more

    Used Pop Top Campers

    What You Need to Know Before Buying Used Pop Top Campers

    If you have limited budget but you still want to enjoy the comforts of traveling in a pop top camper, you should consider finding used pop top campers that meet your budget and your travel needs. You can find used pop top caravans when you visit caravan showrooms or when you check out websites...  read more

    Pop Top Campers Melbourne

    Pop Top Campers in Melbourne—Decorating Tips

    Pop top campers in Melbourne serve as your home away from home when you go traveling or camping. This is why it is important to make it as cozy and inviting as possible especially if you and your family are going to stay in the camper for a long period of time. It is important to consider the...  read more

    Caravan Accessories

    Top caravan accessories that will save your day

    Owning a caravan is fun. The fact that you can take off into an adventure anytime is just beyond description. Every caravan, like all mechanical moving objects, requires maintenance. It is advisable that you fit you caravan with certain accessories and carry others in your toolbox. The top...  read more

    caravan dealer

    What to expect from your caravan dealer

    Whether you are buying an old or new caravan, your caravan dealer will be among the most trusted advisors for making the purchase. The relationship will be renewed if, at some point, you want to sell your caravan or upgrade it. Having a trusted caravan dealer is indispensable. The keyword here...  read more

    caravan repairs

    Best caravan repairs

    No matter how well you maintain your caravan, if you own it long enough, it will require repairs. Caravan repairs are a part and parcel of the caravan ownership. Learn to plan and smartly get your caravan repaired. The best caravan repairs are the ones that are carried out professionally,...  read more

    caravan service

    Tips for caravan service

    Caravan Service is an integral part of owning a caravan. Regular maintenance of a caravan will ensure its performance and life. While you would think that caravan servicing is easy enough, it can turn into an ordeal. The following tips will keep you from the most common headaches. If you...  read more

    Pop Top Campers

    Pop top campers – Camping reinvented

    The new generation of pop top campers available are simply a class apart. If you are a camper and did not get a chance to see the spectacular camper's range that is available, you should consider looking at it. For those wanting to enter the camping adventure world, they are the best way to...  read more

    Used Caravans

    How-to guide for used caravans

    Here is a how-to guide for buying used caravans. Caravans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some caravans are built for a particular purpose while others are general purpose. By following these few guidelines, you can expect to find an excellent bargain that will suit your budget. The...  read more

    used caravans

    Used Caravans-What Are The Benefits To Choosing Used Over New?

    You might not understand some of the benefits of getting used caravans over going with the new option, but there are many. Once you can get an idea of the value going the used option offers, it is far easier to make the decision. Here are just a few of the benefits. It is not going to cost...  read more

    Pop Top Campers

    Pop Top Campers-Reasons Why They Are Just As Good As Caravans And Motor-Homes

    You might have never heard of pop top campers, but they are a great alternative to caravans and motor-homes. At we want you to understand some of the reasons why. Not as pricey as a caravan or a motor-home If you decide not to go with pop top campers, then you...  read more

    Caria Toy Haulers in Melbourne

    Caria Toy Haulers: The Perfect Way To Have A Good Time With Friends

    There is no better way to have fun than to get together with a group of close friends, pack everything up in your caravan, and head out to the countryside to have some fun. Sometimes you just need to get away and a caravan can be the perfect thing to help you do so. At Canterbury Caravans we...  read more