Caravan Accessories

caravan accessories

Are you looking for caravan accessories to update your old caravan into a more comfortable and stylish travel vehicle?  Canterbury Caravans offers more than just an incredible selection of new and customised caravans.  We also carry everything you need to accessorise and update your beloved adventure vehicle.  We distribute Camec Products, your leading producer of caravan accessories.  Visit our website, where you can view the catalogue or search for the specific items you need to outfit your perfect caravan!

If you are in need of caravan repairs before your next adventure, we can help.  We supply electrical, gas and plumbing equipment.  We also have a comprehensive selection of hardware, hatches and whatever else you may need.   You can also upgrade your old caravan with new appliances, awnings, or windows and shades. 

Affordable Comfort with the Best Caravan Accessories

Of course everyone dreams of getting a brand new caravan designed with a specific lifestyle in mind.  However, if you already have a decent caravan, then Canterbury Caravans can make sure it's outfitted with the best accessories.   With our expert help you can turn your old caravan into a new state of the art adventure vehicle. 

Don't be left living uncomfortable in your old caravan because you cannot afford a brand new vehicle.  With some essential updating, you can continue to ride in style and comfort in your trusted caravan that has already proven it can take you anywhere!

Visit Canterbury Caravans for the Best Caravan Accessories!

Canterbury Caravans has an extensive selection of all caravan accessories, large or small!  If you are looking to do a complete overhaul of your old caravan, you will find everything you need in our online catalogue.  Or you can call today to speak to our customer service experts.  When you visit our website, you can also see our entire line of new and used caravans.  

If you are looking for the perfect new caravan to begin your adventures, do not hesitate to view our online inventory or call us today.  We guarantee that we will find the perfect one for you!  We carry all sizes of caravans, each with a variety of floor plans and bed types.  Ws can customise almost anything to fit your lifestyle.  Or if you simply want to upgrade and accessorise your existing vehicle, you can rest assured that we will be here to help you get what you need. 

Our customer service representatives at Canterbury Caravans are experts at supplying you with what you need, at prices that you will love.  Visit us online or at our Melbourne showroom, for all of your caravan accessory needs. Call for a quote or visit us online today!

Visit us today if you are looking for caravan dealer who can provide used caravans, pop top campers, caravan accessories, caravan service and repairs. We are located at 140, Canterbury Road, Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3153.