Caria Toy Haulers: The Perfect Way To Have A Good Time With Friends

Caria Toy Haulers in Melbourne

There is no better way to have fun than to get together with a group of close friends, pack everything up in your caravan, and head out to the countryside to have some fun. Sometimes you just need to get away and a caravan can be the perfect thing to help you do so. At Canterbury Caravans we have a wide range of caravans for sale, ranging anywhere from standard campers to custom-made trailers.


But if you have a bike, ATV, or any other type of small recreational vehicle, we have Caria toy haulers that can easily accommodate all of your other vehicles. Toy haulers are spacious, dependable, and can allow you to bring your favorite recreational vehicles with you when you decide to go on vacation with your family or friends. You'll never have to make the hard decision of whether or not you can bring your motorbike with you and can simply load up your motorbike into your Caria toy hauler and hit the road!


A Wide Range of Options 

We have a wide range of Caria toy haulers available on our caravan range and we guarantee you will find something that will you completely satisfied. We have the GT-8 Grande Tourer, which is perfect for families that want to take trips out to the country and ride their motorbikes or any other type of recreational vehicle. It can comfortably sleep up to eight people, as it has an upstairs bedroom. It is also fitted with a shower and toilet, which means you can take the luxuries of civilization with you when you head out to the country.


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We also have the Toy Hauler 18'360, which is a heavy duty model that is perfect for people who want to really head out into the wild and have some fun. It can easily sleep four and it comes with a seat that can covert into an additional bed. It has a top-of-the-line gas and electricity system, which means it can provide hot water for its external shower. Best of all, it comes with off road capabilities, which means you and your friends won't need to worry about not being able to fully enjoy yourself when you head out for a fun weekend.


Caria caravans are some of the most dependable caravans on the market and we give you our personal guarantee that every model that we sell is in pristine condition. We treat our customers with respect and only sell the best toy haulers on the market. We have every model available for you to personally look at, as we like our customers to get a first-hand experience of what they about to buy.


If you like to travel with your family and friends or simply like to get away from it all and rough it out in the wilderness, then you will definitely want to consider a Caria toy hauler. And at Canterbury Caravans we will be happy to provide you with one!