How-to guide for used caravans

Used Caravans

Here is a how-to guide for buying used caravans. Caravans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some caravans are built for a particular purpose while others are general purpose. By following these few guidelines, you can expect to find an excellent bargain that will suit your budget.

The search for the used caravan should start with internet. There are many websites that sell used caravans or they have listings of private people selling them. You have two fundamental sources of buying used caravans.

The first one is a used caravan dealer. These dealers have a physical presence in terms of a showroom and a virtual presence on the internet. The details on the internet may often be outdated. Depending on the dealer, he may not have staff update the website. The smart thing to do is to gage wether the dealer has variety and / or used caravans that suit your purpose. You can also check if the prices are in the ball park of your expectations.

Once you are convinced, make a trip to the used caravan dealer. Select the models that fit your requirement and check out the prices. Competitive dealers will not be able to reduce the prices more than 10%. Desperate sellers or faulty models can have discounts ranging up to 30% of the marked price.

Take the caravan in question for a short drive. There is nothing that beats this test. You will hear all the sounds of the caravan and be able to judge how it performs on the road. This is also test for the braking system and the bearings of the wheels. These two being the number one wear and tear in a used caravan.

Prefer hot dipped galvanised models over painted ones. If there is something wrong with the body on the hot dipped galvanised models, you will see it immediately. These used caravans have last 4 times longer against rust and corrosion.

Painted models need to be checked particularly closely. Prefer used caravans that were not recently painted. A side effect of getting a perfectly painted used caravan is that you will not see any problem spots. Dealers often tend to freshen the paint in order to improve the presentation.

If you want to buy from a private person, try and negotiate the price on the phone. Ask the person about what is wrong in the used caravan before you make your trip to the seller. Once there, inspect the used caravan for signs of rust and corrosion. Take it for a ride, as with any used caravan you would want to purchase.

Check the wheels and battery of the used caravan. They should be in a good condition. Having to buy new wheels or battery will add to the immediate cost. It is better to have a discount for the used caravan for this reason. Buy the wheels and batteries on your own if possible.

Buying a used caravan can be simple enough. You need to check the service maintenance book of the owner to know how well the caravan was maintained. Do not opt for the first caravan you see. Ensure that the caravan is perfect for your requirements. There is a lot of choice of used caravans out there. Be a patient but aggressive bargain hunter to steal the best deal.

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