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Pop Top Campers

You might have never heard of pop top campers, but they are a great alternative to caravans and motor-homes. At CanterburyCaravans.com.au we want you to understand some of the reasons why.

Not as pricey as a caravan or a motor-home

If you decide not to go with pop top campers, then you are going to end up paying way more money for something else. Have you seen the cost of caravans or motor-homes? These types of recreational vehicles cost a lot of money to get and they cost a lot of money to maintain. You might not be ready to make that kind of investment just yet. This kind of campers are the perfect alternative in this case, and they are going to prove economical while at the same time offering you some of the same benefits as you would get from having other types of recreational vehicles.

Far easier to garage and tow then caravans and motor-homes

One problem you are going to have with caravans and motor-homes is they tend to be very tough to store away. They are just too big. Some people will not have an issue with this, because they might have a place to put them. However, what about those people who do not want such a big recreational vehicle around their property? They are the perfect solution in this case, because they can be easily stored away in some sort of garage. If and when you decide to tow them somewhere, this is also easier to do.

Pop top campers have less drag

One reason why caravans and motor-homes tend to cost so much money to have and maintain is because of the high cost of fueling them. If you tend to use your caravan or motor-home heavily, then be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on gasoline. If you had campers instead you would not have to worry about spending so much on fuel. Pop top campers have far less drag than caravans and motor-homes. This means the fuel costs are going to be much lower. The extra money you save can be used towards other areas of maintenance.

Superior to using a tent for outdoor sleeping

Maybe you want to enjoy some sort of outdoor activity that requires you to use a tent. Well with a tent you will have to sleep on the ground. Is this something you feel comfortable doing? Is a tent going to be able to provide you with all of the amenities you need in order to feel comfortable? Well this type of campers will. With these you can sleep off the ground. So you will not need to worry about bugs and other critters possibly giving you a hard time. Plus the extra amenities found in campers over a plain old tent makes them a no brainer.

Space in campers is up to par with caravans

One of the main reasons why some people might be against getting pop top campers over caravans is because they believe they are not going to offer them the same space. People do not want to have limited space right? But this is not the case, and if you do it right you will find that pop top campers have just as much space as caravans. All it is going to take is a little bit of creativity in order for you to feel comfortable.

At Canterbury Caravans we have exactly the pop top campers to help you start doing this. We want to be the business that introduces you to these wonderful recreational vehicles.

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