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Pop Top Campers

If you are planning to purchase a camper for your camping and travelling needs, you should consider buying one of those pop top campers. As the name implies, this type of camper has a top that you can pop up or lower depending on what you need. You can raise the top to have more space inside your camper and to provide adequate ventilation. If you are going to park it in a garage with a low roof or if you are going to pass through a road that has a lot of overhead obstructions like tree branches, you can lower the top to prevent it from hitting the garage's roof and the branches.

There are a number of things that you need to know about campers before you purchase one for yourself. Knowing some useful information about this specific type of camper will help you make a more intelligent decision.

How do they work?

Pop top campers have a special type of roof mechanism that includes a scissors-like lift that extends upwards and downwards and a skirting made of canvas or vinyl. The lift has a spring that makes it easier for you to adjust the height of your camper's top. Some manufacturers also install a handle to make it easier for you to lift up and pull down the top. The skirting is sealed using a windproof and waterproof seal that prevents the wind and rain from entering your home. It also has a zippered feature that you can open to allow the air to enter the inside of the camper.


Pop top campers allow you to let the air in when you want to feel cooler while inside the caravan. You can open the zipper to let the air enter the caravan when the weather is hot. You can also close the zipper when the weather is colder or at night. It also comes with a fly screen that prevents the mosquitoes from entering your camper. The adjustable height also allows you to park your camper in a garage or car port with a low roof. You can also lower the top of your camper if you are going to drive through a place with a lot of trees to prevent it from hitting tree branches along the way.

Different types

It also come in different types. One type of campers is the standard type and this is probably what you have in mind when you hear the term pop top caravan or camper. This type of pop top camper only allows you to extend the roof of the camper. Another type of pop top caravan is the extendable camper. Aside from raising the roof, you can also extend the caravan horizontally for a wider living space. Off road pop top campers are specially designed for off road use. You do not have to worry about damaging the raised roof even when you are driving on a rough terrain. There is also a kind of pop top caravan that looks like a simple trailer when the roof is down and a full-sized caravan when the roof is raised.

Buying tips

You should consider whether you want to a buy used or brand new campers. Of course, the main difference is that the used caravan is cheaper than the brand new one. Used caravans may also have minor defects, something that you should not find in brand new pop top campers. You should also find a reputable dealer that sells high quality pop top campers, whether used or brand new.

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