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Pop Top Campers Melbourne

Pop top campers in Melbourne serve as your home away from home when you go traveling or camping. This is why it is important to make it as cozy and inviting as possible especially if you and your family are going to stay in the camper for a long period of time. It is important to consider the space and fixtures when it comes to buying pop top campers in Melbourne. This will give you an idea how you are going to decorate your camper.

Pop top campers in Melbourne are available in varying lengths. If you are going to travel with your whole family, you need to get yourself a long camper that can accommodate all the members of your family. You should also choose a camper that has enough "rooms" for or private space for everyone, especially for adults.

Below is a list of tips that you should know when it comes to decorating pop top campers in Melbourne.

  • Add color. You can add color by painting the walls with something bright instead of the usual brown, gray, or white. Do not be afraid to try something different just because you always see campers in neutral colors. Try something different like bright green, red, yellow, blue, or orange. This will liven up your living space and will make your camper look less boring.
  • Add personal touches. To make your camper feel more like home, you should add personal touches like a family portrait, your own paintings, a quilt given by a beloved relative, and other personal decorations. If you have kids and they have their own rooms or private spaces in the camper, you should let them add their own personal decorations.
  • Use nice rugs, curtains, and throw pillows. Rugs, curtains, and throw pillows also add color and character to otherwise boring pop top campers in Melbourne camper that looks like anybody else's. You should throw in a rug to make the living space more comfortable and warm. You can also add interesting throw pillows and curtains that have matching prints and designs.
  • Use space saving furniture. Pop top campers in Melbourne have a very limited space compared to a real home. It is important to maximize the space and choose furniture that has double purpose. For example, you can choose a long bench that has a chest underneath where you can keep tools and other things that you do not want to display. You should also install a shelf that can serve as a room divider instead of a simple wall. Another great idea is to install pullout beds or tables that will allow you to use the floor space for other purposes when the bed and table are not in use.
  • Add nice lighting fixtures. It is a necessity to add practical lighting fixtures but if you want to set the mood inside your camper, you should try something different like led lights or lanterns. You can also use scented candles if there is a celebration and only when the camper is parked. Never light up candles when the camper is moving because the candle can fall on the floor and start a fire.
  • Add plants. Pop top campers will also look warmer and cozier if you add plants inside. Make sure that you only use indoor plants that can grow even when kept inside the camper for long periods of time. Make sure that you fix the pot in one place to prevent it from breaking when the camper is moving. You can also add plants that crawl horizontally on top of your kitchen cabinets for a more natural look.

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