Tips for caravan service

caravan service

Caravan Service is an integral part of owning a caravan. Regular maintenance of a caravan will ensure its performance and life. While you would think that caravan servicing is easy enough, it can turn into an ordeal. The following tips will keep you from the most common headaches.

If you are going to buy a brand new caravan, you have to ensure that you will be running into service trouble. The salesman at the store will likely to tell you that caravan servicing is not a matter to be worried about. Do not take their word for it. The steps that you have to take before you buy a caravan are same as the steps that you take after you buy a new caravan.

Assuming you have recently bought a new caravan, there are  steps you have to take to ensure a positive experience. The first thing is to check if you have a service schedule. A service schedule is much like a car service schedule. It details the periods, in terms of usage or time, between subsequent services. It helps to keep track of when you serviced your caravan. The stamp of the service center in this book can prove your claim of timely maintenance. In general, people who have a well maintained service book are more likely to sell than those who do not.

The service schedule for your service normally will list the service places that are near you. If it does not, ask the supplier for the address of at least three caravan service centres. If the number of caravan service centres is less than three, reconsider buying that model, brand or even buying from that store. You do not want to be stuck with a very limited number of places to service your caravan. A caravan that cannot be serviced easily in your city will be even harder to service if you are on the road, travelling.

Caravan service centres vary in the quality of their service. You know this also from a car repair shop. They can fall under three main categories - electrical, mechanical and other. The electrical and mechanical categories normally require a specialist. If you do not like the work of a centre, you should seriously consider shifting to another. You can only do this if you have a choice.

Just before the holiday season starts, the centres become extremely busy. Some centres refuse immediate repairs, or charge more in the name of emergency maintenance. This is especially true of mobile repair units that do house calls and repair or service your caravan at your residence. It can take them up to a week, just to attend to your call.

Caravan service should be carried out promptly. It increases the life of the caravan, ensure proper service and retains high resale value. Check to ensure that you have a caravan service schedule and addresses of at least three caravan service centres that you can reach easily. Service in lean demand periods to avoid long waiting times. Plan properly to have fun with you caravan.

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