Top caravan accessories that will save your day

Caravan Accessories

Owning a caravan is fun. The fact that you can take off into an adventure anytime is just beyond description. Every caravan, like all mechanical moving objects, requires maintenance. It is advisable that you fit you caravan with certain accessories and carry others in your toolbox. The top caravan accessories are listed here.

The first accessory, if you do not already have it, is the swing jockey wheel. A caravan comes in two popular configurations - tilt and tandem. Tilt caravans have a single axle. The name comes from the fact that the caravan will tilt on one side, similar to a see saw. It is easy to see why accessories like a swing jockey would help it to balance. When the caravan is not hooked to the vehicle pulling it, swing jockey is lowered to serve as the third wheel. They are like the swing jockey allow you to move and navigate with the caravan without the need of a pulling vehicle. If you did not get a swing jockey with the caravan, seriously consider adding it as a caravan accessory.

Similar to a swing jockey, there are other caravan accessories that help to balance the caravan. Take the example of an additional leg. There are things that need to be installed at the workshop. This includes any caravan accessories that need to be welded.  The additional leg comes in both versions. You can weld it at strategic places or just use it free standing as a jack. Having the accessories fixed, or welded, has two distinct advantages. You do not have to store accessories that are welded. The second advantage is that there is no installation time. Caravan accessories, like the additional leg, provide a secure service when they are welded to the caravan.

A commonly missed caravan accessory is the step. If you need to climb into the caravan, it may be difficult to climb without a step. This is especially true if you are carrying something or both your hands are occupied. You may opt for a ramp as a caravan accessory if required. Ramps are easier than steps and can slide right underneath the body. They do not protrude out of the body, to occupy additional space.

Wheel covers are highly advisable. While travelling thru muddy terrain, the wheel covers ensure that little or no mud gets splashed on the body parts. The body of the caravan will last longer. The other less known, but critical advantage is the fact that wheel parts will not be exposed to constant rain. This is crucial for caravans that are parked in the open.

Rust and corrosion are the prime enemies of a caravan. They can protect and thus enhance the life of your caravan. Theses caravan accessories also simply tasks like loading the caravan. Caravan accessories like toolbox can be used to store most spare parts of the caravan. It does not matter in what terrain you are moving, these caravan accessories will certainly save your day.

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