Used Pop Top Campers? Mint Condition Used Pop Top Campers at Discounted Price

Used Pop Top Campers

If you have limited budget but you still want to enjoy the comforts of traveling in a pop top camper, you should consider finding used pop top campers that meet your budget and your travel needs. You can find used pop top caravans when you visit caravan showrooms or when you check out websites of caravan dealers. It is easier to buy brand new pop top campers than used caravans because you do not need to do thorough inspection since you are expecting the caravan to be in excellent condition. Brand new campers also have warranty that covers repairs and replacement parts within a specified timeframe.

Buying used pop top campers is a different matter. You need to do thorough inspection to ensure that there are no damages or if there are, make sure that the damages are considered when the seller came up with the final price.

You need to know several things before you consider buying used pop top campers. You can check out the following paragraphs.


The obvious benefit of buying used pop top campers is the low price. The prices of used caravans are generally lower than the prices of new ones. And even if you have enough budget, you should still consider buying a secondhand caravan especially if you have other things to purchase for your travels and camping. Buying a used pop top camper is also a great idea if you know you can find a used caravan that is still in excellent condition.

Buying tips

You need to consider the following tips when buying used pop top campers.

  • You need to check the different fixtures and installations. Make sure that they are still in good working condition. Check the furniture, sink, stove, electrical wirings, drainage, pullout beds, flooring, and roofing. It is especially important to take a closer look at the roof section of the pop top RV since it is adjustable. And as you very well know, anything adjustable and movable are more prone to damages.
  • You can either do the inspection yourself or have someone do it for you. You can bring an electrician, plumber, and mechanic to ensure that everything is still working or if there are parts that need immediate repair. This will give you an idea how much the camper will cost you including the price of the camper plus the cost of repairs. You will be able to determine based on the total amount whether the camper is a great buy or not.
  • When inspecting the interiors of used pop top campers, you should also use your sense of smell to determine if the insides of the RVs are affected by mold. If there is mold growth inside the camper, you will notice a musty and dank smell. Mold growth is caused by dampness or condensation inside the caravan, which means that there is a problem with your plumbing system or insulation.
  • When inspecting used pop top campers, it is also important to take note of the exterior part. Make sure that the roof has no hole and can be adjusted easily. You should also check the exterior paint, windows, and doors.
  • It is also important to inspect the engine of the pre-owned RV. A camper is a kind of vehicle that has its own engine, unlike a trailer that requires a towing vehicle like a pickup truck. It is important to check the engine and make sure that it does not have any serious problems.
  • Used pop top campers should also have the right documents such as registration and title. These documents should be transferred under your name as soon as possible.

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