Service Alterations

Better to be safe than sorry


At Canterbury Caravans we offer a comprehensive range of services for your caravan. We can make alterations and additions, as well as 12 volt Battery Systems & Solar Power Systems.

We also provide Insurance Repairs.

Axel Service

What's covered in a caravans Axel Service:

  • Check Wheel bearing / repack inner / outer
  • Check Brake linings
  • Replace split pins

Pre-Holiday Service

What's covered in a caravans Pre Holiday Service:
  • Check wheel bearings & repack inner / outer
  • Check brake linings
  • Replace split pins
  • Check under carriage
  • Lube stays
  • Check gas / 240vlt / 12vlt
  • Check running lights
  • Respray "A" bar
  • Anode rod checked in hot water systems
  • Writing report on request

Electric Brakes

The caravan brakes will not work unless you have a control module in your car. Commonly called an Electric Brake Controller this device is attached under the dash of your vehicle. It is wired to the car's battery, the stop light circuit and also to the seven-point socket into which the caravan plug connects. Its installation is virtually independent of the vehicle's electrical circuit and has no conflict with car computers or ABS Braking Systems. Installation usually takes an auto electrician one and a half to two hours depending upon the vehicle. A wide range of Electric Brake Controllers is available but they all operate on similar principles. Power is fed from the vehicles stoplights into the controller then back to the caravan through the seven-point plug and socket. This allows the caravan brakes to come on automatically when you apply the vehicle brakes. The characteristics of the power flow will vary from unit to unit. We recommend a pendulum based brake controller. Why? Because a pendulum sensor sends a variable amount of power to the caravan brakes in proportion to the stopping motion of the motor vehicle. This will deliver smoother and more responsive braking in all situations. Most controllers also have a manual device which allows the user to apply the caravan brakes independent of the car brakes. This is a helpful feature to minimise caravan sway or instability.

Service Request Form

If your caravan needs service or repairs please use the service request form below.

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