Canterbury Caravans can now aftermarket fit you ESC braking system


What is AL-KO ESC?

AL-KO  ESC is a sophisticated electronic brake actuation system that automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan by monitoring for any dangerous lateral  movements and taking preventative action immediately - applying the caravan's electric brakes to maintain road position, making every journey you take safer and more pleasurable


What does this mean for you?

The AL-KO ESC - Electronic Stability Control ensures that you the driver can handle a variety of unexpected driving hazards safe in the knowledge that your AL-KO  ESC provides complete control-, control that will not only monitor the stability of both the car and caravan but also regulate any dangerous lateral  movement and immediately take preventative action to maintain road position.

If you would like for Canterbury caravans to Quote fitting ESC to your van please use form below.

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