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Who are Canterbury Caravans?


Canterbury Caravans in Bayswater North Victoria is a multi-facetted business and provides not only new caravans but also used caravans, caravan servicing, insurance repairs and a two storey caravan accessories and spare parts shop. Their new larger indoor retail caravan showroom and service Plus repair division is approximately 2000 square meters. The front display area is approximately 3000 square meters. Plus the new office will make it an easier and more relaxed environment for their customers together with a customer waiting lounge in the Service Department with 55″ TV, Coffee, Tea, Water, Magazines. These larger New Premises Colin has purchased the property in 2017. Sales have increased so much in 12 months Colin had to find another property down the road purely as an over flow of caravans so as not to bust the seams of the New Retail premises. The foundation of Colin’s business success is in repeat business & to family and friends from all over Australia.

Colin Tobin the Dealer Principal of Canterbury Caravans, is involved with all aspects of the caravan industry and sits on the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA Vic) as a council member. Canterbury Caravans were honoured to win the CIA Vic 2015/2016 Business Award in recognition for Excellence in the Caravan Dealer/Retailer category. This is the first time this Award has been presented to a Caravan Retailer in Victoria. They were also runner up for  2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

Over the years Canterbury Caravans have carefully selected three caravan manufactures to sell. These manufactures provide a cross section of caravans to suit most situations. The three manufactures are Paramount Caravans the longest standing, & Canterbury Caravans are Paramount Caravans Largest selling dealer in Australia. Golden Eagle, Canterbury Caravans are also Golden Eagle Caravans Largest selling dealer in Australia and Viscount Caravans an old name in the caravan industry. All Canterbury Caravans brands are long-term established brands that provide full service to their customers. Paramount have a large model range, including slide-out vans catering from semi off-road right up to 24’ pure luxury. All vans can be custom designed to cater for individual needs. Paramount has been manufacturing crafted caravans since 2000 and are a pillar of the caravan industry. Golden Eagle Caravans are designed to cater for the budget market without comprising on quality. All models are available in the single or queen bed, L-shaped lounge or café lounge. Models are available in caravan or pop tops. Viscount Caravans is a old name in the caravan industry being built with selected caravan models in a budget range.

Canterbury Caravans was not Colin’s first involvement with the caravanning industry. Colin started in the caravan industry when he was 15 years old with his father, Kevin Tobin at Kevin’s caravan business in Sunshine Victoria selling Trailer Home Caravans. Colin also completed his business studies course at night whilst juggling work. Colin got involved in the caravan business and asked his father to take on a new product. Kevin was not in favour of this and told Colin it was his baby to look after the new product. Colin made a success and the product did well.

Kevin Tobin later purchased the Willows Caravan Park at Rosebud Victoria. In 1974. In 1975 after just 12 months of family ownership Kevin made Colin Manager and junior partner. Colin physically maintained the park and ran the office. Kevin moved out of the Caravan Park after a few years and retired, leaving Colin to take over the entire management of the park. Over the years the park won Victorian Awards for Excellence. They sold the park in 1982.

Colin then went on to work at Scenic Caravans in Dandenong Victoria as a salesman in 1982. When he started at Scenic they had just eleven caravans on their lot.  But Colin quickly built up that stock and was a hard-working loyal member at Scenic. Colin was promoted to Sales Manager in 1985, and stayed with Scenic Caravans until 1995. After leaving Scenic Caravans he joined the team at Oasis Caravans in Bayswater as a salesman but within months was made Sales Manager.

In 1997 Colin and his wife Pam made the choice to purchase Canterbury Caravans in The World of Caravans complex  in Bayswater. He told his wife he did not want to look at the books of the business because he knew the business wasn’t making any  money. Because of his knowledge in the industry and it’s excellent location he knew the business had real potential to become a strong successful business. Within no time business was growing and started to make it’s mark on the industry. With a blank canvas of a yard he soon filled it with stock and over the years built a Service Centre, an Accessories and parts shop and turned his business into a One-Stop-Shop. Most of Colin’s expansion decisions were made during an economic slump. But he could see the only way to make money was to spend money. Now today he has chosen his brands carefully giving sturdy options to the consumer and having all his brands cover different niches of the market. Colin has a big team of staff many of whom, he is proud to say have been with him for a long time. Ian Sadler is Sales Manager, Andrew Ferguson is the Work Shop Manager and Colin’s daughter Laura Altinay is Office Manager.

Through the years of Colin building his business he hasn’t been afraid to share his knowledge with the next person. As Colin says Knowledge is no burden. But you can’t put an old head on young shoulders, however I can train you as best as I can.

He has encouraged his staff to develop strong work and business ethics, and share his commitment with family and fellow people in the industry. He takes  great pride in his successful staff and will praise them when needed. Colin believes his staff are like his extended family. He has developed excellent communications with his three chosen manufactures.

Colin uses these skills when he is working with  his customers and manufactures to create the caravan that his customers want. He sees this as part of keeping ahead in the highly competitive industry. As a reflection of this you can see the mutual respect given to Colin. He believes in helping his fellow friends in the industry and will help fellow business men work together and pull together. He is a huge believer in loyalty and shows this with the company bonds he has formed with his manufactures and suppliers over the years. Colin is certainly a well-known man and has touched many people in different ways within the industry over the years.

Colin runs a very ethical business and places the customer first. He is always happy to do what’s needed to provide both customer service and satisfaction. Colin has certainly maintained a reputable name with his twenty one years in the Canterbury Caravans business. His passion is the industry and he believes in it.

As a keen caravanner,  he has taken his family away on many trips to discover the industry, new brands and the lifestyle. This he has always said is the best way to learn the industry and relate to your customers. Colin has always kept involved in industry workshops. Networking and learning has always been something he has taken interest with training programs, conferences and social functions Colin has become an integral part of the industry over his 48 years of working within it.

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Canterbury Caravans

Our Mission

The full Canterbury Caravans team are loyal & honest staff. Our team has been formed over the years and with our core staff Like Andrew Ferguson, Jan Calder, Keith Smith, Ian Sadler, Laura Altinay, Colin & Pam Tobin. Our experience and love of the Industry means our customers will get the full level of service you would expect from a professional company. Our goal is very simple. Help provide hard working Australians with the ability to live out their dreams of caravanning, holidaying & enjoying all those family fond memories that camping will bring. We know you might hit some speed humps along the way hoever we want to be here the best we can do to help.